MAX10501 Maxima Luxury Pearlised Hand Soap

Luxury Pearlised Hand Soap

A universal hand cleanser, mild enough for general hand washing in hotels, offices, washrooms, shower areas and sports centres. Cartridge for use in dispensers. Mild enough for use as a body shampoo.

Contains extra emulsifying properties for use where grease and oil need to be removed in light engineering and industrial applications. Environmentally friendly – biodegradable and phosphate free.

MAX105001 litre
MAX105015 litre

Product Downloads

MAX10500 – Safety Data Sheet (pdf)
MAX10500 – First Aid Information (pdf)
MAX10500 – Description & Application Sheet (pdf)
MAX10500 – Where to use this product (pdf)
MAX10501 – Safety Data Sheet (pdf)
MAX10501 – First Aid Information (pdf)
MAX10501 – Description & Application Sheet (pdf)
MAX10501 – Where to use this product (pdf)

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