MAX4075 Hygiene Cleaning Cloth

Bleached Dish Cloth

Maxima’s Bleached Dish Cloths are soft, highly absorbent and come in a variety of sizes making them suitable for a variety of wet and dry cleaning applications. Cloths are colour coded to help eliminate cross contamination.

MAX40736Cotton 16″ x 10″Sewn Red50 x 10 cloths
MAX40738Cotton 16″ x 10″Sewn White50 x 10 cloths
MAX40740Cotton 16″ x 10″Sewn Yellow50 x 10 cloths
MAX40734Cotton 16″ x 10″Sewn Green50 x 10 cloths
MAX40731Cotton 16″ x 12″Sewn Blue50 x 10 cloths
MAX40732Cotton 16″ x 12″Sewn Blue50 x 10 cloths
MAX40735Cotton 16″ x 12″Sewn Green50 x 10 cloths
MAX40737Cotton 16″ x 12″Sewn Red50 x 10 cloths
MAX40739Cotton 16″ x 12″Sewn White50 x 10 cloths
MAX40741Cotton 16″ x 12″Sewn Yellow50 x 10 cloths
MAX40733Cotton 18″ x 12″Sewn Blue50 x 10 cloths

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