MAX20022 Maxima Acid Toilet Cleaner

Acid Toilet Cleaner

Acidic Toilet Cleaner is designed to remove scale and staining from glazed ceramic and may also be used to clean stainless steel.

It is a viscous liquid and will cling to inclined and vertical surfaces.

MAX200211 litre
MAX200225 litre

Product Downloads

MAX20021 – Safety Data Sheet (pdf)
MAX20021 – First Aid Information (pdf)
MAX20021 – Description & Application Sheet (pdf)
MAX20021 – Where to use this product (pdf)
MAX20021 Trigger Spray Label Sheet (pdf)
MAX20022 – Safety Data Sheet (pdf)
MAX20022 – First Aid Information (pdf)
MAX20022 – Description & Application Sheet (pdf)
MAX20022 – Where to use this product (pdf)
MAX20022 – Trigger Spray Label Sheet (pdf)

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